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Africa Management Development Programme (MDP Africa) Feature: Quinton Tike

Africa Management Development Programme (MDP Africa) Feature: Quinton Tike

“As a country HR manager for the organisation that I work for,” shares Quinton Tike, from Woolworths, Division 5 Botswana, “We had found it fit to further develop and equip our management. We looked around for training that would be a big value-add in terms of content and tenacity to develop our managers in this robust retail industry. So we shopped around, and we identified the USB-ED Management Development Programme (MDP) as a programme that really met our needs. We made contact and everything went smooth. From then onwards it was blissful, no hiccups, nothing. The service is excellent.” 

The key things that drew Quinton to this course revolved around what was covered in the syllabus. “While looking at the programme content from USB-ED, we saw that it had finance in it – which is very key for any manager in any organisation. It had the technology, in terms of system integration or smart systems. And that, for me, is definitely what I was aiming for. In this ever-changing environment, technology is at the forefront, and finance is also at the forefront because we all want to achieve more with less.” Knowing how to do this was among one of his key takeaways from the programme.

He goes on to share, “After the training, there were some noticeable changes in terms of how we carry ourselves as the management.  We are more critical in terms of questions. We analyse reports further – we no longer just brush over them. Especially finance records, which for me, is really the main item that came up. So we are now analysing that in-depth. We now have an understanding of what goes on in the budget, we know the cost analysis and so on. So with everything that’s working in our organization, we are more critical. And for me, that’s been a really great takeaway.”

Apart from seeing these noticeable differences, Quinton enjoyed the syndicates and group work within the programme. “The highlight of the MDP is obvious for me – it was the collaboration which we did. The syndicates, the topic, the work that you put into it, the diverse culture of people that you have to make a group with, and come up with a plan for that topic that solves a particular problem – that for me was the biggest highlight of the MDP. And obviously, our group was the best syndicate!”

He shares his reflections upon completing the programme. “The USB-ED MDP is a superb programme for upcoming managers with the need to have rounded insight on what goes into being a manager of good reputation. The programme equips you with a broader financial understanding, critical analysis skills and project management skills – all of which are highly essential skills to have as a manager. I am a more attractive manager for Growth Opportunities within my organisation as well as prospective employers all thanks to MDP Programme”

To anyone thinking of doing the programme, Quinton says, “I’d say to prospective participants – enrol! Do not think twice. USB-ED MDP is the best programme you can do if you want to nurture yourself as a forefront leader, or a forefront manager, or someone who wants to really make a change in an organisation. It will capacitate you with everything that you need, from finance systems, and the general analytical ability of projects in the organisation. Your level of thinking starts to develop in a way that is unsurpassed. For that, I am grateful to have done MDP and I recommend the programme to everybody. It’s excellent!”

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