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Bespoke (also known as Customised) solutions are just that, bespoke to your organisation. They are closed intakes, the design of which is tailored to your organisation’s strategic needs, time-line, and budget, via a high-touch process of scoping and co-creation with our highly specialised Proposal and Design specialists.

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Let us help you develop your people

At SBS-ED we know that one of the central leadership challenges that our corporate clients face is to develop fully performing leaders and managers who are able to achieve the organisation’s objectives. We can create an entirely new programme that meets your exact people development requirements. Alternatively, organisations can tailor existing knowledge and the delivery thereof according to their specific requirements.

How bespoke courses work


As your partner in customised solutions, SBS-ED will co-design a programme that meets the needs of your company.


Together with our brand, our level of flexibility is one of the main factors perceived by our clients as a differentiator.


Immersions, simulations, action learning, gamification, nano-learning, webinars and online.


Our learning solutions are centred around real challenges and provide real solutions.


Our diverse faculty members ensure a rich and personalised learning experience from across Africa and the rest of the world.


We make use of world-class facilities and select venues that are fit for purpose regardless of your location. We go where you need us to be.

What our participants had to say

"This course has the ability to incorporate all types of models to achieve being a leader, as well as grow future leaders. It is an exceptionally beneficial course, and I would highly recommend it, simply because you have the ability to become a leader yourself and the opportunity to grow future leaders."

- Raeesa Mohamed

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