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Executive Development Programme (EDP) Feature: Hénoe Stoffberg

Executive Development Programme (EDP) Feature: Hénoe Stoffberg

When enrolling for USB-ED’s Executive Development Programme (EDP) Hénoe Stoffberg shared exclusively with USB-ED that “From the onset my drive was to build relationships with other executive mindsets, both with my classmates as well as my mentors. Within the scope of such relationships and within the programme itself I was looking to have my beliefs, values and perspectives challenged.” This played into his overall aim which was to continue on, and improve, his journey of learning. 

As a member of the USB-ED EDP class of 2020, Hénoe highlighted that COVID-19 added an extra challenge to the teamwork dynamic. But, with this unforeseeable factor added to the experience, the discipline and determination displayed by the delegates really shone through. The strength of the groups lay in their diversity as whole, and also within the smaller syndicate group configurations. Through this invaluable experience, he found that he was able to contextualise his beliefs, insights and learning journey in a far deeper manner than initial thought possible.

He notes that the EDP showed him that “We are in it for the long term – the disciplined approach will always beat the quick wins over time.” Within this, taking the time to critically self-reflect, physically write things down, and systematically integrate world views and inputs have been the main take-aways that he has been implementing in his life since doing the EDP. Hénoe feels that this has led him to become a more innovative, responsible leader who now takes multiple stakeholders into account more seamlessly.

To prospective EDP participants he is very encouraging, saying that “The EDP is a great combination of knowledge, skill and character testing. The compounding effect of your procrastination about this EDP will be a massive opportunity cost, the earlier you start the better for you! Go for it!”

In the ever-complex business realm, global priorities and challenges often fall on executives’ shoulders. Leaders, therefore, need to adapt their executive roles with new ways of thinking to make room for such changes. This leadership programme equips you with the tools needed to expand your ability to lead, motivate and achieve business objectives, enhance your global perspectives and empower you to formulate strategic goals. Over the course of 7 months, delegates learn new techniques and management skills and will be equipped to:

  • Appreciate a global perspective and understanding of global markets
  • Employ cognitive strategies to appraise systems and consider emergent futures
  • Employ adaptive thinking to support strategic leadership decisions
  • Deploy creative workforce strategies to enhance diversity and organizational performance
  • Collaborate and integrate business knowledge, skills, and professional networks to enhance your career
  • Develop ethical reasoning in determining the role of business in society

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