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Management Development Programme (MDP) Africa Feature: Wedu Keakile

Management Development Programme (MDP) Africa Feature: Wedu Keakile

Encouraged by her place of work, Wedu Keakile, Operational Risk Analyst at the Bank of Gaborone, was nominated by the leadership of the bank to attend the Africa Management Development Programme. She shares exclusively with USB Executive Development that, “I walked in with the approach of ‘expect nothing to gain everything’, and truly I did. My management skills and outlook is completely different from before the course.”

The highlight of this strategic management course for her was that, “It gave me insight to a holistic perspective of addressing the challenges and opportunities that we come across on a day-to-day basis.  Specifically, I enjoyed the Systems Thinking module as it looked into this in greater detail. Performance coaching using the GROW model was also particularly interesting in getting information and results from those being coached.”

Furthermore more, she mentioned, “I got the opportunity to coach, and see things in the eyes of another without influencing as a manager. I learned that truly every voice counts, and that’s how we build powerful teams! The unity amongst diversity resonated strongly within the MDP programme from a personal and professional perspective. As a mother of two toddlers and a manager during the pandemic, the programme also taught me the art of time management and balance. And I was ecstatic to come 2nd in the MDP Africa Intake 3 class – irrespective of the situations around.”

Her message to those looking into doing the Management Development Programme is  ““Anchora Imparo,” the Italian phrase meaning “Still I learn”. Indeed, it is courses like this that embody that art. They show us that at whatever age we are, and whatever stage of life, we are all still learning. As a manager, your perspective and outlook towards the opportunities and value systems in the various business systems will surely expand.”

Designed to take management to great heights, the Africa Management Development Programme (MDP) is packed with material focusing on broadening managers’ self-awareness, leadership attributes and management skills required in the ever-changing business environment. It aims to equip managers with the insights needed for sound business integration, best management practices and how to apply strategic thinking in every decision that is made.

Targeted at managers from any industry, who are responsible for managing various business units and ready to dive deep into management development, this course empowers managers to reinforce their managerial skill set and business acumen. This programme facilitates integration across various business units.

– Translate business acumen and entrepreneurial thinking into improved organisational performance

  • Explain the basic operations of an economy and discuss key economic concepts used in everyday economic reports
  • Read, understand and interpret financial statements to determine the financial health of an organisation
  • Prepare and manage a budget for a department or organisation
  • Utilise an understanding of market segmentation to best position a product offering to the customer
  • Translate digital marketing and social media insights into effective customer service management practices
  • Demonstrate leadership competence through a heightened sense of curiosity and a willingness to drive a culture of innovation, learning, and continuous improvement
  • Promote diversity and employee engagement through an improved understanding of leadership and human resources management practices

For upcoming course dates, or further information about this programme, see here.

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