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Management Development Programme (MDP) Feature: Monvina Heunis

Management Development Programme (MDP) Feature: Monvina Heunis

“The learning from the Management Development Programme gave me great insight into the various divisions and operations structures within our organisation,” Monvina Heunis, Senior Area Manager at TFG (The Foschini Group) shares. “This also allowed me to understand the thought process when making strategic decisions within the business. It equipped me with the learning tools to make and plan strategic moves within the business itself in my current role as a senior area manager. These learnings have been passed on to my direct and indirect team members.”

Speaking exclusively to Monvina, we learn about her experience in the customised Management Development Programme (MDP) that was held for the organisation in collaboration with USB Executive Development.

She continues, “Completing this programme along with being actively employed has challenged me to prioritise more strategically. It has enabled me to rely more on my team and use their strengths to the advantage of the overall business needs. This created an extended growth process, including the importance of balancing the business needs along with the employee’s well-being. As a team, we were able to identify the contact centre’s level of customer satisfaction is not being considered, which will result in great profitable opportunities for the division as things move more in this direction.”

Within her personal highlights of the programme, she notes how the content assisted her. “Looking at the New Workspace Module enabled me as a leader personally and professionally to relook at the current work module, while introducing and implementing future modules – in order to be prepared for the Gen-Z generation entering the workplace. It has exhibited many management tools which will be beneficial both personally and professionally, with disciplines, planning, strategic thinking, and decision-making included in the key principles.” She also highlights the business-driven action learning project: “I was granted the opportunity to work with an amazingly strong team, with each member being on their own unique journey, bringing various experiences of life into things. We all learned from each other by relying on one another’s personal and professional strengths to support the team. Our learning facilitator was very supportive during this programme, and ensured that we were equipped with what we needed to complete our tasks successfully. He taught us how to challenge our way of thinking, which would ultimately impact our decision-making processes – learning that I will personally take with me throughout the rest of my life. My key learnings of the business-driven action learning project have been extremely beneficial.” In conclusion, she notes, “This programme has been something I have truly desired to do for a very long time, the experience was greater than what I anticipated both personally and professionally.”

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