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Senior Management Development Programme (SMDP) Feature: Carl Erickson

Senior Management Development Programme (SMDP) Feature: Carl Erickson

General manager, Carl Erickson had studied at a few institutions over the years. Enrolling for the Senior Management Development Programme (SMDP), he notes that while he had been fortunate to have experienced speedy progression in his career, he felt he had not allotted enough time to grow into his new roles. This, he says, “Left a few gaps in my knowledge base which I was eager to fill.”

He continues, “When the world was suddenly brought to a standstill by the COVID-19 pandemic, I realized that there would be a significant shift in how leadership plans, communicates and leads. After much research I felt that the USB-ED SMDP offered the tools I required to level up as a leader.”

“The USB-ED SMDP gave me the tools to think strategically within my role while capturing a global perspective. It has broadened my view on teamwork and team development which is imperative to apply in the new age of leadership of our human assets. It encompassed a career adaptation shift from an African-continent-perspective to a global one.”

He continues, “The SMDP helped in providing me with a zoomed-out world view by introducing me to relevant and impactful aspects of business and leadership. The class structure and invigorating workshops produced practical references with opportunities to develop a sound understanding of what is required from leadership during the unchartered pandemic period and beyond.”

“The most rewarding lesson for me was being afforded the experience to engage and nurture dynamic relationships with a myriad of diverse individuals,” he says. He had many highlights on the course, but mentions two that stood out for him. The first, he says, was “The vast, real-life, and global knowledge and experience shared. And the program team of administrators, coordinators and professors were simply world-class!”

The second, he shares, was “The advanced and practical leadership knowledge and personally enriching experiences with classmates encouraged me to want to share this experience with others.”

Upon completing the course, he found that he had not only gained applicable depth of knowledge, but also a more global approach. “The real-world success and practical dissemination of the shared information made the SMDP a tremendously enriching experience,” he says. “The group and class diversity – not only in terms of culture and background but also in industry and leadership experience – made it all the more possible to explore advanced and practical business knowledge. This was a leap in personal development for me.”

In conclusion, he shares that, “The SMDP has sharpened the spearhead of my personal and professional growth while also increasing the hunger to take the next step on the path of learning. USB-ED stands out to me for the knowledgeable and experienced team of administrators, coordinators and professors.”

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