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Senior Management Development Programme (SMDP) Feature: Tebogo TT Ojeng

Senior Management Development Programme (SMDP) Feature: Tebogo TT Ojeng

Tebogo TT Ojeng, Senior Account Executive (Public Sector) at Dell EMC South Africa, embarked on the Senior Management Development Programme in 2020 to learn about strategy, vision and to prepare herself for an already-nominated journey into leadership. She shared, “It became very clear at the beginning that I would need to adopt quicker winning tactics to balance both the programme as well as my demanding job by stretching myself beyond my comfort zone.” 

Tebogo dove into the programme, as she relays, “Being open to new ideas and able to take advantage of opportunities is what is most important to me. The most extraordinary times in my life have come because of moments when I’ve seized opportunities presented to me directly, by accident, hard work or sheer luck. This has been evident in my academic excellence, educational life, my travels around the world and my professional career, no matter the huddles or delays I encountered in life.”

Drawing on her innate passions, her inquisitive nature, her chosen career field and her vision of an uplifted Africa motivated her with this programme. She says, “My passion for learning, imparting, and sharing knowledge with others originates from my curiosity and love for learning. Working in the ever changing and evolving Technology space (ICT) all my life and work experiences have stimulated my curiosity and desire to learn more about the ever changing world around me. How does Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, 4IR affect the world? As part of management or organizational leadership, how will that affect decision making for the organization I work for while positively impacting the world and people at large? How does technology, socio-economic and political changes affect individuals, families, community, and the world at large? My questions never stop. I continuously want to be an impactful leader, and it feels very satisfying to apply my knowledge. Distinct concepts that bring solutions together to form a coherent picture truly attracts me to keep learning more, especially to help bring or contribute to solutions to citizens of my country, South Africa, and Africa as a struggling continent.”

She sees that being a better leader and manager is a melting pot of many factors, as she shares, “Management is also about positive leadership—applying compassion, empathy to people’s feelings, struggles and concerns while you help them grow. Humans are not pre-programmed robots that all face the same problems or struggles. Humans deserve leaders who are knowledgeable and who are infinitely curious, constantly questioning new advancements and the status quo. They deserve someone who loves the challenge of problem solving and coming up with innovative individualized solutions. I want to be that leader. I want to be able to approach each case as a unique entity and incorporate my strengths into providing personalized care for my people.”

This was something that she felt that the programme did for her. She says, “The structure and course content of the Senior Management Development Programme was very relevant to my ever-changing IT industry and as a result equipped me with the knowledge to adapt to change while remaining relevant and competitive in the fast-evolving emerging markets. A great deal of learning for me must be the ability to deal with diversity, collaborate efforts based on grounded theory and critical thinking within group dynamics. I completed it with a broader understanding of the value of the development of human capital, design thinking, leadership styles and the value of personal branding.”

Upon completing the programme she shared, “I am grateful to have been part of a business school that is renowned for producing high performing individuals and leading innovators that can provide thought-leadership in the African continent. I look forward to continuous personal development and further learning through the University of Lincoln as introduced to me by USB Executive Development. My passion for continuous learning, personal development, and desire for being a good leader has been reignited.”

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